Pausing to Celebrate!

Experdido Insignia

Occasionally, being recognized for excellence changes the light in a room.  I was recently informed that an online assessment site called reviewed 105 blog sites dedicated to knee replacement issues and selected 21 to receive their star of approval. A team of four analysts used five core criteria including ease of study, design, user interface, and consumer confidentiality as well as how it appears on social media. For more information go to

Thank you for recognizing Revised Knee, Revised Life!

In addition, Revised Knee, Revised Life was recently ranked as one of the top 50 blogsites for Knee Surgeons and for Knee Patients by FEEDSPOT for 2020.  What an honor to sit among many informative and helpful sites.

Take a look at FEEDSPOT’s full list of winning sites:

While these are not accolades I envisioned achieving in my lifetime, I am glad the blog is of service for those who end up on this unique journey. I look forward to adding more articles, adding more comments and seeing more clicks to ‘follow’, in hopes that you can also pass it on to those in need.

Thank you.


Author: amartinelbehri

Retired from working for large non-profits. I now write, take care of extended family, tutor English, and manage all aspects of living abroad while my husband works. I am recouperating from my 14th knee surgery and have some thoughts to share on many aspects of managing trauma, healing and starting over.

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