6. An Alternative to Knee Replacements

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My husband and I recently strolled the Rome film studios of Cinecittà. As film buffs we found the tour fun. I also found it sobering. Walking is a privilege I, of course, took for granted most of my life. Even my joint replacements offered good years of exercise though I should have slowed down some in order to give my joints more ‘shelf-life’. Now, I am thankful for days that are pain free.

Please consider a few lessons learned about knee replacements for ridding yourself of pain: orthopedics is an industry as well as a medical field of study and one currently tied to implant manufacturers first, regenerative medicine, or stem cell therapy, second or third. Knee replacement should only be a decision made when all else fails. In the States, replacements are being offered at far too young an age when in fact, they only last between 10-15 years before your bone or their metals begin to crumble. Mine lasted 14 good years. The revised surgery I succumbed to four months ago, with a non active lifestyle, will give me another ten years I am told. The options after that? Revised replacement of my revised total knee by perhaps age 72, joint fusion, and/or a wheelchair.

If I could do it all over again, and now with stem cell therapy as a viable option, I would invest in stem cell therapy and as soon as a joint problem becomes chronic. My older brother took this route a few years ago with his left knee and within three months of a week’s worth of medical care, returned to biking, skiing, and windsurfing.  By investing in adult stem cell therapy, he also invested in more time to rely on his own body’s natural resources during his later years when invasive surgery is unarguably more traumatic. In comparison, I have used up my body’s options by relying on metal joint replacements and see a future surrounded by equipment, and limited exercise options currently including swimming and weight lifting.

Consider saving for stem cell treatment for inevitable joint pain. Look up the newest research by visiting www.regenexx.com, the Mayo Clinic, or the Galeazzi Institute in Milan where I completed my revised knee replacement and began once again with hands-on lessons in the relationship between body, science, and health.

Author: amartinelbehri

Retired from working for large non-profits. I now write, take care of extended family, tutor English, and manage all aspects of living abroad while my husband works. I am recouperating from my 14th knee surgery and have some thoughts to share on many aspects of managing trauma, healing and starting over.

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